Private Helsinki Tour -Services

Welcome to Helsinki! Pick your Private Helsinki Tour of our selection and you will have fun learning a lot about Finnish history, culture and everyday life.



About us

Private Helsinki Tour – is a brand under the mother company Green Cap Tours. Our Helsinki based tour office is know for entertaining high quality guided tours. Especially if you are coming to Helsinki for first time and have a limited time in the city – Private Helsinki Tour will be abundantly worth it’s cost. We train our own guides to ensure the best possible guided experience for you. Our guides are hand picked with various academic backgrounds – they will be able to give you deep insights on topics regarding Finnish way of life and how our society works. Although we poses deep knowledge on matters we talk on the tours, the main point is provide joyful experience.

What to expect on our Private Helsinki Tour

After years of practice we’ve summed up all the most intriguing features of Helsinki’s and Finland’s history in to a highly entertaining storytelling.  Here are some of the typical topics we cover:

  • Hear how one the world biggest Sea Fortresses – Suomenlinna – was built in Helsinki archipelago.
  • Learn how Finland was developed first under the Swedish and then Russian rule.
  • Be surprised how closely Germany was involved in the Finnish civil war.
  • Get familiar with Finnish culinary culture – we also organize food and beer tastings.
  • Do we eat reindeer meat all the time?
  • How do Finns celebrate? We’ll tell you the most usual and extreme ways to let loose.
  • How did Finland break out of extreme poverty and developed into a well off country within last hundred years.
  • Which are the best places to eat, drink and shop in Helsinki?